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. >>> and jesse jackson junior in really big trouble tonight accused of spending thousands of dollars in campaign funds on his own personal stuff. wait until you hear what hey anon!! i'm b,e lk ath taste... i d urax. i thghyowe aaxxpt? majotastesdvti foprars toy,'m mteplbe withnoaxxpiee necear" aturta y oy taner frompa e otaatrns- l alaxxpts ..hah&blk or a alotr jotastes >>> prosecutors say they will likely charge a woman in connection with the murder of an elderly man in alexandria. the 45-year-old marie johnson and today she went before a judge charged with robbing a man's home back in november. she had been a tenant. johnson is now implicated in the murder of the man, 94-year-old joe wars, a stepson found his body on wednesday. >>> well, prosecutors in south africa are seeking premeditated murder charges against the double amputee sprinter who made headlines. he broke down crying today in court. he's accused of killing his model girlfriend on valentine's day. >>> well, did your mom ever embarrass you in front of your classmates? we're guessing whatever she did, it was not as bad as what this
. >> jesse jackson, jr., and his wife will be in federal court tomorrow. they're accused of spending $750,000 in campaign money on personal items. now, both have agreed to plead guilty. jackson is charged with conspiracy and his wife's accused of filing false federal tax returns. >>> president obama's obama's campaign to blame congress for sequestration spending cuts continue today at the white house where he urged lawmakers to adopt a temporary fix if they can't find a solution. while the local leaders are out there, calling reporters in today to say how terrible see cress strags will be -- sequestration. blame the other guy. for february, the other guy. they would rather have these cuts go into expect than closethe tax loopholes for wealthiest americans. >> president obama prefers -- from republican house speaker john boehner, the president offered no credible plan that can pass congress, only more calls for higher taxes. the american public understand the revenue debate is now closed. and when the president says he'll negotiate. >> so my door is open. >> a top aid house majority leader
members of her family. >> you know, daisha is not here to kiss and it's a lot. >> denise jackson is a family relative who grew up with the children's father. she remembers the girls. 11-year-old daisha price, she's pictured on the left with her surviving sister. she ran back into the burning home to save her family. >> she went back in the fire to help her daddy. >> then there's the eight-year- old twin in pink. >> the twins, pinky, we call them pinky and peaches. >> the youngest, four-year-old patrice. >> the baby, she is just a sweetheart. she is very outspoken and she would have a ball of fun and she would be the ball. >> it's an unimaginable pain for one parent to bear. mom lost her partner in life and her three sweet daughters. >> i cannot imagine no one, nobody can really know what she is going through. really nothing that no one can say, but pray for you. because i mean, where do you go when you lose so many people at one time? >> the fire ripped through the home around 4:00 thursday morning in the 8600 block of lesli avenue and glenn arden. the mother and eight-ye
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)